Profile On Rich Werner:

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Rich Werner has been selling practically his whole life. It started when he was seven. His parents had a turkey farm in North Dakota. He randomly won a turkey and since he lived on a turkey farm, that was the last thing he wanted, so he sold it to someone else. That was Rich’s first sale, he thought it was “way cool” and he was seven years old.

His parent’s decided to move to California so they had a big farm auction on their property. Enterprising young Rich decided to set up a stand and sell sodas at the auction. He paid ten cents a bottle and sold them for twenty cents. “Mom said I should at least double my money,” added Rich. “Afterwards I got to turn in the bottles for a few cents each!”

When Rich was In elementary school he had two paper routes. The newspapers held contests to see which carrier could get the most subscriptions. Rich won that trip to Disneyland every year. In high school they had a contest to see who could sell the most cookies. The top selling girl and boy would each get the grand prize. “The prize was a transistor radio that I really wanted, that was like winning a car in those days” said Rich. Of course Rich took home the nifty transistor radio but he was disappointed the top selling girl outsold him by one box!

After high school Rich got crafty. He started making candles and then selling them at RG Canning’s Great Western Show. Then it was jewelry. While working at Douglas Aircraft, Rich learned how to silversmith. Then he started buying storage units. “I went from jewelry to junk” said Rich. He quit buying storage units a few years ago because programs like Storage Wars drove up the prices and buying units got “ridiculous” and he went back to jewelry and silversmithing.

Along the way Rich found time to marry his lovely wife Donna. They have four daughters and eight grandchildren. Rich and Donna are avid dog lovers and always have several around

Rich has been a regular fixture at the Street Faire for over ten years where he sells jewelry and jewelry supplies and he also buys gold and silver. He also has the distinction of driving the furthest since his home is in Las Vegas, Nevada. Currently he is furthering his education and getting his gemstone identification license.